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Public domain According to the Law 13714 (1961), under the administration of the Manuel Prado government, and article 4.3 of the Universal Copyright Convention this photograph entered the public domain in Peru before 1996 because it was taken and performed from negative to paper or similar before 31 December 1975 and was protected for 20 years from its first copy disclosed as of January 1 of the following year.
In the case of copies disclosed for first time since 1976 by other person, D.L. 822 (1996) establishes that the shots made before 31 December 1951 automatically enter the public domain, 70 years after their creation from January 1 of the following year. For more information see the Peru copyright page.

It is understood that simple photograph is when the author did not include exclusively for his/her literary or scientific work. Not apply for reproduction of copyrighted artistic work "of private domain" or documentary work . If the photo is assigned by a publisher, also photojournism, the exclusive rights of circulation by this one are for 5 years without extending the duration. Indicate the name of the author or owner of the photo is necessary with the date of publication.
Dialog-warning.svg Warining: D.L. 822 says that some works "enjoying the longest terms of protection recognized by this Law" but denies retroactivity for expired works. A template is necesary explaining why they are in the public domain in the United States.
Exceptions: those published for first time between 1976 and 1996 protection may vary, except those were not renewed in this year and URAA date of 1996 if: the owner was never known or did not carry the "prohibition of reproduction" tag for material published before 1981 (use {{PD-Peru-anonymous}} if required), unpublished media created before 1926 or material from an author who died before 1931 (use {{PD-Peru-1961law}} if required).

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This template marks images released before 1976.

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