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Public domain According to the law 13714 (1961), under the administration of the government of Manuel Prado and was not renewed on the URAA date, the work is public domain in Perú because are met the following criteria:
  • The author was not covered under the 1961 law because this author died before 1931 regardless of whether their works are public or no. For example, manuscripts by Miguel Grau.
  • The author was protected under the 1961 law, the work was published or registered in the National Registry of Copyrights before 1966 and:
    • The author died between 1931 and 1945 with family heirs.
    • The author died between 1945 and 1965 without family heirs (parents, spouses and children) under assignee(s).
    • The author left a "vacant estate" before 1986, i.e. he had no heirs or assigns, and left no record "prohibiting its disclosure".
  • The work remained unpublished until 1996, 50 years after the author's death (or 30 years if this author had assignees).

In the case of collective works, the term from the death of the last author is considered. In conjugal works, its "moral rights" are considered. More information and examples in COM:Peru.
Dialog-warning.svg Warning: The vigent Peruvian copyright law of 23 April 1996 repealed law 13714 and in its transitory provisions indicates that only "[the works still] protected in accordance with the previous law, will enjoy the most extensive terms of protection recognized in this Law" and denies retroactive effect. If the author died under current law use {{PD-old-70}}.
Note: Does not apply to organization works (use {{PD-Peru-organization}}) or anonymous works use (use {{PD-Peru-anonymous}}).

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This template is for works by authors who died before 1946. It includes certain cases where the author died without an heir before 1966. Is compatible with {{PD-1996}} because the work entered the public domain before the URAA date in 1996.

The template automatically sets the following categories: Category:PD-Peru-1961law



Or use the shorthand {{PD-Peru-1996}}

The template takes no parameters.

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