Improving Linking Confidence

I am starting an “SEO Classics” category on SEO by the Sea for papers by Search Engineers or focusing on Information Retrieval or SEO practices. I have a category tag for some older posts. I will write newer posts for this category since I have come across documents that should become considered SEO Classics or … Read more

A Guide to More Credible Websites

Why More Credible Websites? I have seen buzz around the topic of more credible websites and the Google Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines. Those Guidelines introduce the topic of E-A-T (Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness) that site owners should think about for their sites. The Search Quality Raters Guidelines from Google are worth looking over to see … Read more

Answering Queries With A Knowledge Graph

Answering Queries with a Knowledge Graph

How Do Knowledge Graphs And Search Work Together? There are at least a couple of processes that search and knowledge graphs can work together. Rewriting Queries – A search engine understands the data from apps on a mobile device and rewrites queries from that device using that data, which I explored in detail in the … Read more