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Commons SVG Checker is a JavaScript tool. Wait a few seconds. If nothing happens, you do not have JavaScript enabled.

Files to be checked can be loaded from Wikimedia Commons or uploaded from local file system. For details see Documentation and use talk page for feedback.


The checks are described in the JavaScript source file, which is found at MediaWiki:CommonsSvgChecker.js. As of July 2018, Wikimedia servers are using librsvg-2.40.16.

The checks include those for the following bugs:

Other problems exist but are not checked.

  • Text ignores alignment-baseline attribute. File:SVG Test TextAlign.svg
  • GNOME #249; Text with direction="rtl" mishandles text-anchor. For example, RTL text with an anchor of start should begin at the specified location and develop to the left. File:SVG Test TextAlign.svg
  • Text with tspan and differing text-anchor attributes must have absolute position change required by SVG 1.1. (The SVG 1.1 layout rules say an absolute position change creates a new text chunk for layout; text-anchor is done within a text chunk. A relative position change does not create a new text chunk, so a text-anchor change would be ignored.)
  • Text uses wrong baseline for Arabic. The Arabic baseline (e.g., ليالي العرب) is higher than the Latin baseline.
  • Phab:T25643; SVG specifies font's PostScript name (e.g., font-family="Helvetica-Bold") rather than a separate family and weight (e.g., font-family="Helvetica" font-weight="bold"). Checker will flag the font file as an unknown font. This problem is common with Adobe products and Macintosh systems.
  • Phab:T36947; There is a small font size quantization issue. File:StrekenProvincieUtrecht1.svg
  • Phab:T43423; CSS child selectors are not supported by librsvg.
  • Phab:T68551; CSS classes on text elements are not inherited by child tspan elements. If you want this, you need to add a separate class for tspan as well, or use simply groups (but not in the text element as it Scour unfortunately does).
  • Phab:T64987, Phab:T184369, Gnome #95; font-family="'font name'" (internally quoted font family name) does not work (File:Mathematical_implication_diagram-alt.svg, File:T184369.svg)


The Commons SVG Checker relies on third party services. By executing a check your browser sends the usual informations attached to HTTP-requests (IP-address, User Agent, Timestamp) to a web service located at The service is maintained by Rillke, the server by the Wikimedia Foundation. Rillke does not track these requests but they may show up (anonymized) in the error logs.